How it Works

Click the orange buttons in the animation below to see how Winns Water Saver works.

Winns Water Saver

Winns Water Saver allows cold water in the hot water pipe to be reused rather than wasted.

When you turn on the hot water tap, nothing comes out until the hot water reaches the tap.

The cold (dead) water is pushed by mains pressure to a rainwater tank

The water in the rainwater tank is then used to operate all toilets in the house.

With our complete system you have no wastage of water. In most cases you will never have to use potable water in the toilet again.

Contact us to find out more about how you can reduce your water consumption with a Winns Water Saver.

Smart Approved Watermark

Winns Water Saver has been accredited with the Smart Approved Watermark scheme, Australia's outdoor water saving labelling program for products and services that help to reduce water use around the home.

Winns Water Saver

Winns Water Saver Mark 2

Winns Water Saver Mark 2 is a water-saving device with the added feature of a timer. It is developed for use in the shower.

When you turn the hot water tap on, as in a normal Winns Water Saver, the cold water is diverted into a storage tank for use in the toilet.

After 5 minutes of water flow the shower will start to pulse, that is, turn off for 5 seconds and then turn back on for 5 seconds. This behaviour will continue until the shower hot water tap is turned off.

The pulsing hot water is designed to indicate to the user that 5 minutes have passed and that they should finish their shower.